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Interview with Dr. Edwina Morgan

Interview with Dr. Edwina Morgan
October 26, 2017 Natasha Schweitzer

We spoke with the wonderful Dr. Edwina Morgan, a well established Cosmetic Physician, about all things beauty and jewellery.

NS: How did you find out about Natasha Schweitzer (NS)?
EM: I initially admired Natasha and Alex’s work on a dear friend of mine. She was wearing the iconic “Odette” earrings. I coveted them for their fine, elegant and light weight construction. They are the piece I get the most compliments on!

NS: How would you describe your personal style?
EM: Professional elegance. When I am consulting and treating patients in my clinic, I am on my feet all day. There is quite a procedural component to the work I do, so I need to be practical with the style of clothing and jewellery I choose (i.e.: nothing to busy or heavy) I am drawn to an elegant pair of earrings, or a ring that I can wear and it feels like part of my person. 

NS: As a beauty pioneer, what would be your best beauty advice for others?
EM: As a Cosmetic Physician, I take great pleasure is consulting my male and female patients on how we can age gracefully.  In Queensland, we are far more affected by the sun’s destructive rays as compared to our Southern counterparts, so I often start with our most exposed organ – the Skin. A high SPF protection in my number 1 beauty tip. It helps prevent and protect us from the many physical signs of aging such has wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentations and of course, skin cancer.

NS: What would be your favourite piece from NS so far?
EM: This is a hard one, but I have to say it would be the “Allegra” earrings. They are the perfect transition from day to night, and feature a beautiful freshwater pearl. I think they are timeless.

NS: How do you like to style it?
EM: I wear these earrings with absolutely everything. A floaty dress… leather pants…day…night…winter…summer. I have them in silver, and they are extremely versatile.

NS: As another Brisbane local, where is your favourite place to eat and drink?
EM: My favourite place is definitely “LONgTIME”. It’s an olde faithful, and the menu never fails to disappoint. It always attracts an amazing atmosphere, and my husband and I love to people-watch whilst waiting for our table, sipping a gin-cocktail! 

Above: Edwina wears the Allegra earrings in silver.


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