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Interview with Laeticia Motto

Interview with Laeticia Motto
September 2, 2017 Natasha Schweitzer

We spoke with the lovely Laeticia Motto, the Womens Buyer at Incu.

NS: Congratulations on your wedding! We saw you wore the Single Aqua Drop earring on your special day. Have you been able to style the piece into your everyday wardrobe, or is it saved for special occasions?

LM: Thank you!  It already feels like it was a lifetime ago, but it was a very special day. 
I was so lucky to wear a beautiful set of earrings based off the design of the Single Aqua Drop Earring that Natasha made for me.  I’m quite a sentimental person, so I’ve kept them in a safe place & only got them out & wore them again on our first wedding anniversary. This is something I see myself doing every year on our anniversary to mark the occasion

NS: Your wedding dress was by The Row, which is a label known for it’s timeless elegance and relaxed designs.  What made you decide to choose this designer, over someone more bridal?

: I’ve never been the type of person who imagined myself in a real bridal looking gown. We had a very small and intimate wedding which took place in our favourite restaurant, so I didn’t want anything too over the top or dramatic for the occasion which would feel out of place for the setting.

The Row is a brand I love and am constantly following, so as soon as the dress was released I knew it was the one. I decided to run the risk & purchase it online – I was really lucky that it fit & as soon as I put it on, I knew it was the perfect dress for the occasion.

NS: How would you describe your personal style?

LM: I would say my style is very classic, minimal & timeless (just like my wedding dress!).  I don’t wear a huge amount of colour so my wardrobe might look quite boring to some but I’m always attracted to pieces that I know will last forever and aren’t too seasonal.

My husband might kill me if I bring home another white shirt, woolen coat or pair of black pants!

NS: What attracted you to Natasha Schweitzer as a buyer, and customer?

LM: As a buyer, I am sent countless emails every day from both upcoming & established designers, but have limited time to meet with everyone that gets in contact. Natasha’s collection however stood out as something special & different so I knew I had to see her.

In our first showing, I was so impressed by how well presented & organised she was – she had thought of everything. A beautifully shot lookbook, inspiring packaging and a unique point of view. Natasha is the perfect ambassador for her brand & wore it so well herself. The passion she has for what she does really stood out to me & I believed in everything to do with the brand & Natasha from the moment I met her!

NS: What are your thoughts on mixing gold and silver jewellery?

LM: I personally always wear gold jewellery and am always drawn to gold rather than silver but mixing gold & silver does work on the right person.

NS: As a buyer, you get to travel to amazing parts of the world. What would be one of your favourite places you have visited so far?

LM: I’m lucky to have been able to travel to Hong Kong, Paris & New York as a buyer.  My first ever buying trip was when I was 22 and going to New York was something I’d dreamed of, so that was a really exciting moment for me.  The energy of the city is so contagious and inspiring.

Paris is a special place so I enjoy that equally for its beautiful architecture, the light & the romance.

By far, my favourite place is Italy though!  I was able to travel there with my now husband after a buying trip a few years ago and its definitely my most memorable travel experience so far.  Aside from the beauty of the country, the amazing coastline & delicious food – my mother was born in Italy so I feel like I have special connection to it.

Above: Laeticia wears the Single Aqua Drop earring in Silver.
Photos courtesy of Laeticia.


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