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Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

All of Natasha Schweitzer jewellery is exceptionally handcrafted using only the finest quality metals, plating and stones. We celebrate the colour variations found in our natural stones, enhancing their beauty and making them unique for the wearer.

When not in use, store your jewellery in a box such as the original packaging to avoid damage to the item.  Keep all plated jewellery pieces dry at all times. Never wear your jewellery whilst swimming or bathing, washing up, cleaning or using chemicals, performing sports or heavy-duty activities. Always put your jewellery on last when getting ready to avoid contact with chemicals found in perfume, hair and beauty products etc.

For plated jewellery please note that due to the delicate nature of gold plating, and the frequency of wear, pieces will need re-plating every so often to maintain their original appearance. Plating rubbing off or tarnishing is a natural part of wear and tear, and is not considered a manufacturing fault. Different skin acidity levels and how the product is worn will influence the life of plating in our products. For solid gold or silver pieces, an annual visit to your nearest jeweller for a clean and polish is recommended.

We recommend having your jewellery professionally cleaned and serviced with us annually to keep it in excellent condition. We offer any of our products an annual professional re-plating, polishing and cleaning service for $30. Please email for more information on this service.