Five Minutes with Pip Edwards

March 12, 2019

Five Minutes with Pip Edwards

We spoke with Pip Edwards, one of the fabulous founder's of P.E Nation to chat all things jewellery, travel, and active/leisure wear

NS: How would you describe your relationship with jewellery?
PE: I love Gold that’s for sure. I’m not a silver girl. My style and vibe definitely evolves. I used to stack my jewellery up, I loved a good stack on my wrist and fingers, however,  now I’m into refined delicate pieces – I’m finally finding a new love for pearls and diamonds, which have never been my thing. My ears are always full (I have 13 piercings in total). I never ever take off my “J” ring (for my son, Justice).

NS: We notice you often style jewellery with your PE Nation active/leisure wear. Do you find that throwing on a necklace or earrings elevates your look for the day?
PE: I actually never ever take my jewellery off. When I love something, its stays on for good and I do everything with it. It definitely does elevate my active look, adding flavour and personality with a level of chicness and femininity.

NS: What pieces of jewellery could you not live without/never take off (even when doing Pilates)?
PE:  I NEVER take off my rings, I NEVER take of my earrings and currently, I NEVER take off my baroque pearl necklace. Like I said earlier, when I fall in love with a piece of jewellery, I truly fall in love with it, and cannot take it off.

NS: What are your best tips for feeling stylish while travelling for weeks on end with a limited wardrobe? 
PE: Jewellery definitely is the best and easiest way to elevate any basic look. Earrings and necklaces immediately add value to any outfit. I like to take away some statement pieces to mix in and add bling and punch to a look you might wear on repeat, when travelling.

NS: What’s something that most people don’t know about you? 
PE: That I have 13 piercings across 2 ears, and I have 7 tattoos. In terms of skills that most don’t know I have,  I’m actually a trained pianist, singer and loved playing the flute growing up, in fact I was music captain at School. Ha.

Image source: Pip Edwards Instagram @pip_edwards1


Size Guide

To determine your ring size, please use a string or piece of paper to complete a circle around your finger. Using a pen, mark the string or paper at the circle’s connection point. Measure the length of the string/paper from the top until the mark and compare with the table below.
Please note that in some cases the base of your finger may be smaller than your knuckle, so take this into consideration when sizing.

In doubt, we strongly recommend a visit to your local jeweller to accurately ascertain your ring size.

Ring Size   Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm)
J 48.7 15.5
K 50 15.9
L 51.2 16.3
M 52.5 16.7
N 53.8 17.1
O 55.1 17.5
P 56.3 17.9