Interview with Sarah McCarthy, Director and Owner of Sphere Collective

January 03, 2019

Interview with Sarah McCarthy, Director and Owner of Sphere Collective

In celebration of our first Bridal Collection launch, we sat down with Sarah McCarthy, the amazing woman behind Bespoke Bridal boutique Sphere Collective. 

NS: Congratulations on your recent nuptials! What Natasha Schweitzer pieces did you wear on your special day? 
SL: My gorgeous engagement ring that my husband and natasha designed. A marquise stone with halo and baguettes, its so unique but so timeless I love it so much and also my wedding band the girls helped me with the design. I have 3 ear piercings so instead of doing a statement drop earring we did a layered look which I loved as a statement. I wore marquise shaped diamond earrings in the first holes and then in the second holes I wore the 'Sarah’ double pearl earrings (love! obviously) and then a single pearl. I changed into a satin slip dress at my reception and wore the Round Pearl Choker with the Octagon Lariat. 



NS: How did you first find out about Natasha Schweitzer? 
SL: I had found the Foxy earrings in a issue of Vogue a couple of years ago and fell in love. I probably still have the picture on my phone I took of them while reading, thats when I started following Natasha Schweitzer. About a year later I contacted Natasha to introduce Natasha Schweitzer into my bridal boutique.

NS: As a bridal boutique owner, what current trends are you seeing with bridal wear? 
SL: Slick, simple, plain Ivory gowns. With a statement earring. But not a big bedazzled pair. More brides are choosing a fine gold earring or a larger pearl earring.



NS: Why do you think Natasha Schweitzer works so well for brides? 

SL: I think my brides love Natasha Schweitzer pieces so much because they are timeless. They are something extra special that you will wear on your wedding day but also keep forever. 

NS: What is your favourite part of your job? 
SL: Working with so many gorgeous fashion pieces. Gowns and jewellery. And styling the brides, I love it when a bride puts her trust in me to create their bridal look. 


Sarah's stunning gown was designed by herself, and she wears a collection of custom and current season pieces from Natasha Schweitzer.


Size Guide

To determine your ring size, please use a string or piece of paper to complete a circle around your finger. Using a pen, mark the string or paper at the circle’s connection point. Measure the length of the string/paper from the top until the mark and compare with the table below.
Please note that in some cases the base of your finger may be smaller than your knuckle, so take this into consideration when sizing.

In doubt, we strongly recommend a visit to your local jeweller to accurately ascertain your ring size.

Ring Size   Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm)
J 48.7 15.5
K 50 15.9
L 51.2 16.3
M 52.5 16.7
N 53.8 17.1
O 55.1 17.5
P 56.3 17.9