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Five Minutes with our Sydney Manager Lilli

We are pleased to introduce you to our wonderful Sydney Manager Lilli, who has been with us since we arrived in our Paddington home. We chatted all things jewellery with her over email.

NS: What NS piece are you lusting over from new season Pre-Fall collection?
Lilli: The T-Bar Pearl Necklace is my must have! My Grandmother always wore her Gold T-Bar necklace growing up so it reminds me of her 

NS: What is something new you have learnt about jewellery since joining the NS team?
Lilli: Everything Diamonds! They are so interesting and I still have so much to learn about these magical carbon stones! I'm already planning the rock I'd like to have on my finger one day ;)

NS: Your Favourite NS piece right now?
Lilli: My all-time favourite NS piece is the Buttercup Ring - I think everyone needs one! So naturally the new Double Band Buttercup Ring is also a favourite!
NS: Favourite TV show at the moment?
Lilli: Vikings! I can't believe I'm so late to the party! I also just finished Normal People which was beautiful. Desperately anticipating the new seasons of Sex Education and Mindhunter too.

NS: Who is your dream girl you would like see wearing NS?
Lilli: Bella Hadid layering our Diamond Buttercup Hoops with our Raw Buttercup Hoops.
Also, 'dream boy' would be Harry Styles wearing any of our Pearl pieces - that would be so incredible!

NS: Gold or Silver jewellery?
Lilli: Definitely Yellow Gold!


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