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We set up an appointment to find out more in-depth details about the ring you want and your ideal spend.

Appointments generally take approximately 30 minutes.

During the first meeting, our team will educate you on the 4 C’s and any important details about diamonds. We present you with some design options, and decide on a design plan, preferred diamond shapes etc.

We provide you with a selection of diamonds to choose from with quotes. This can be done in store or via email. Our diamond specialists will confirm the design and provide our recommendations on the perfect stone/s for you.

Our highly experienced team of master jewellers create your ring in-house in our Australian workshop, transforming your vision into reality.

Once your piece is completed, we will liaise with you to organise collection from one of our boutiques, or delivery.

Your finished piece is wrapped and packaged in our signature Natasha Schweitzer packaging. 

You can book in for an appointment here, or email our diamond specialists via to schedule an in-store appointment or to start the process online.

Please note, we operate Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 4pm AEST.

Firstly, we set up an appointment with one of our diamond specialists to start designing your ring.

This can be done in our boutiques or via email or phone, depending on where you are located in the world.

If you are not located near one of our boutiques, this is not a problem.

We offer appointments virtually - via email and phone for many of our clients both within Australia and internationally.

The design process is exactly the same, but with a little extra help from technology.

All of our pieces are fully insured and delivered via courier to almost anywhere in the world.

Our production time is approximately 10-14 weeks. Please contact us via if you need your ring sooner - we can sometimes make miracles happen!

Please note, we operate Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 4pm AEST.

All of our diamond specialists are excellent and very knowledgable with diamonds and designs.

Due to high volumes of appointments, Natasha simply can’t be everywhere at once, but please contact us if you are desperate to see the woman herself.

Absolutely, we make lots of different custom pieces for our clients.

Get in touch via to find out more about our custom work.

Please note, we operate Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 4pm AEST.

We have currently paused all re-setting work in our studio, and so are no longer taking on this type of work in the near future.

Yes, we do. All of our diamonds, precious stones, and pearls are sourced by our Gemologist from their trusted and established dealers. For diamonds, we work with accredited suppliers that use the Kimberley Process.

At Natasha Schweitzer we only use certified (GIA, IGI) diamonds (for sizes 0.40ct and over).

We require a 50% deposit to begin production, with the remaining balance due on completion of the ring.

We send all of our pieces via a fully insured express courier service, that delivers to most locations across the globe.

We accept bank transfers and all major credit cards.

Yes, all of our domestic and international orders are sent with signature on delivery. 

If you are located outside of Australia, taxes and duties vary pending on your country.

Please contact us via if you require assistance finding the rate in your country.

Please note, we operate Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 4pm AEST.

We have a few methods up our sleeve!

Please contact our team via so we can discuss the best way to find your partner's ring size.

For further details on sizing, please view our ring sizing guide here.

Please note, we operate Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 4pm AEST.

We can provide you with a valuation that you can present to your insurance company (i.e. home and contents insurance) for a $100 fee.

Alternatively, we can recommend a certified and specialised jewellery insurer – Q Report. Our team can help provide you with a quote for Q Report, and Q Report will then directly liaise with you. The insurance provider that you choose is completely at your discretion and based on your circumstances. 

Jewellery can be fragile, even a perfectly made ring may fall victim to being knocked and dinged against hard surfaces. There are microscopic prongs holding each diamond in place, so it is possible for things to get damaged. A service plan under your insurance will ensure that you can have your piece repaired or replaced when or if you ever need to. Please speak with your insurer about this.

Please refer to our general jewellery cleaning guide here.

For diamonds, we always recommend purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner, and cleaning your ring at least once a week to keep your diamond sparkling.

If you live near one of our boutiques, please stop by, as we offer a lifetime cleaning and polishing service for all of our clients.

At Natasha Schweitzer, we offer a lifetime manufacturer's warranty with every custom piece.

Here's what you should know about this type of warranty:

You Can Void It

Taking your Natasha Schweitzer piece to an outside jeweller for resizing or repairs will void your warranty. We cannot be held accountable for any work done outside of our workshop, and therefore do not recommend other jewellers. The jeweller who crafts your piece and knows the product is able to take better care of any necessary adjustments without complication, therefore we always recommend sending your piece to us for repairs or servicing.

Normal Wear & Tear

We know that you want your jewellery, especially engagement and wedding rings, to be an everyday companion. Wearing your jewellery daily for years on end does mean that your pieces are subject to general wear and tear, and accidental damage – just think about how much you use your hands each day while wearing a ring.

Your manufacturing warranty covers anything that can be drawn back to the manufacturing process. There is a huge difference between losing a stone because you knocked your hand on a kitchen counter (for example) vs. losing a stone out of the blue. It is important to note that over many years of wearing a design with diamonds, there is a likelihood that you could run into stone loss with time. This is a natural and normal part of owning diamond rings, and though we set each piece incredibly well, we cannot guarantee this for a lifetime of wearing your ring daily (unless you wanted to preserve your piece in a glass box without ever wearing it). Centre diamonds set with larger claws are very secure, and unless you damage your setting, will not fall out as easily as smaller diamonds can.

Taking proper care, being mindful of your jewellery (especially rings), and sending your jewellery in for a free annual check will minimize, if not completely prevent, the amount of stone loss or damage you experience. Simply keeping the claws around a diamond tight and secure will assist this.

Our expert jewellers inspect any damaged piece carefully under special microscopes to determine the cause of damage. Our team can easily differentiate damage or wear and tear vs a manufacturing fault. If we find the damage to be the fault of the wearer, we will happily repair your piece, but the cost will be passed on to you. For example, if we find a diamond is missing because a prong is broken or lifted, this is an indication the wearer damaged their ring, and would therefore not be covered under warranty.

It is important to note that we do look after all of our clients for life, and will always repair and service your jewellery at a cost-effective price. Annual inspections are free for our clients, and we encourage you to frequently drop your ring in to one of our boutiques for a clean if you can.