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  • The Natasha Schweitzer Engagement Ring Experience

    Custom Designing and Ordering with Natasha Schweitzer 

    How do I set up an appointment to order an engagement or wedding ring?

    Email our diamond specialists at to schedule an in-store appointment or to start the process online.

    What does the process look like when ordering an engagement or wedding ring?

    We first set you up an appointment with one of our diamond specialists to start designing your ring. This can be done in our boutiques or via email or phone, pending on where you are located in the world.

    What if I don’t live near a Natasha Schweitzer boutique and wanted to purchase an engagement or wedding ring?

    If you are not located near our Sydney or Brisbane boutiques, no problem! We work via email and phone for so many of our clients both within Australia and internationally. The design process is exactly the same, but with a little extra help from technology. All of our pieces are fully insured and delivered via courier to almost anywhere in the world.

    How long does it take to order and receive my ring?

    Our production time is approximately 10-14 weeks. Please contact us at if you need your ring sooner - we can sometimes make miracles happen!

    Will I see Natasha at my appointment, or can I request to see Natasha?

    All of our diamond specialists are excellent and very knowledgable with diamonds and designs. Due to high volumes of appointments, Natasha simply can’t be everywhere at once, but please contact us if you are desperate to see the woman herself.

    Can I have something other than an engagement ring custom designed and made?

    Absolutely, we make lots of different custom pieces for our clients. Get in touch with our team at to find out more about our custom work.

    What if I want to reset my current engagement ring?

    We have currently paused all re-setting work in our studio, and so are no longer taking on more work in the near future.


    Shipping and Payment 

    When is payment due?

    We require a 50% deposit to begin production, with the remaining balance due on completion of the ring.

    How will my ring be shipped?

    We send all of our pieces via a fully insured express courier service, that delivers to most locations across the globe.

    What are the payment options available?

    We accept bank transfers, Paypal, checks, and all major credit cards.

    Taxes and Duties
    If you are located outside of Australia, taxes and duties vary pending on your country. Please contact us at if you require assistance finding the rate in your country.

    We accept bank transfers, Paypal, checks, and all major credit cards.


    How do I get my partners ring size if I don’t know it?

    We have a few methods up our sleeve. Please contact our team at so we can discuss the best way to find your partner's ring size. For further details on sizing, please view our ring sizing guide here.


    Once your ring is complete, we will provide you with a valuation that you can present to your insurance company. If you are seeking recommendations, we can give you a list of reputable insurance agencies we work with. It is important to insure your ring not only for loss but also for damage that can occur in life.

    Cleaning and care

    Please refer to our general jewellery cleaning guide here. For diamonds, we always recommend purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner, and cleaning your ring at least once a week to keep your diamond sparkling. If you live near one of our boutiques, please stop by, as we offer a lifetime cleaning and polishing service for all of our clients.

    Lifetime Warranty

    At Natasha Schweitzer, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our engagement and wedding rings. We usually recommend having your ring checked with us every few years. This can be done via our boutiques, or if you don’t live close by you can ship your ring to our head office for a free inspection.

    It is important to remember that while your ring is built to last, attention and care is needed to keep your piece in a great condition for life. Wearing your ring all day while you constantly use your hands means that sometimes damage can occur. Your manufacturing warranty covers all things associated with the manufacturing process, not general wear and tear. For example, if one of your claws becomes rough, or you find a diamond missing because you hit your ring on a bench, your ring would not be covered under warranty.

    Our jewellers carefully inspect all of our pieces before leaving the workshop to make sure your ring is in perfect condition before you receive it, and are able to assess rings for damage to settings and stones under strong microscopes. Our jewellers are able to determine if your ring has been damaged due to a manufacturing fault or through general wear.

    General maintenance, including checking claws, tightening settings, re-shaping bands, and sometimes building up a band if you have been wearing your ring for many years does need to occur to keep your ring in top shape. We offer all of these services, including rhodium plating for white gold rings, to our clients. Fees are associated with general ring maintenance. Please email if you would like to find out more.

    We recommend having your ring checked with us every few years, or whenever you notice something. Taking care of your ring will minimise chances of losing stones etc.

    Please note. If you take your ring to another jeweller for resizing or repairing your warranty will automatically be void. At Natasha Schweitzer we cannot be held responsible for external jewellers.

    Diamond Ring Ordering Steps

    Step 1: Initial Consultation

    We set up an appointment to find out more in-depth details about the ring you want and your ideal spend. Appointments generally take between 30-45 minutes. During the first meeting, our team will educate you on the 4c’s and any important details about diamonds. We present you with some design options, and decide on a design plan, preferred diamond shapes etc.

    Step 2: Second Consultation

    We provide you with a selection of diamonds to choose from with quotes. Our diamond specialists will confirm the design and provide our recommendations on the perfect stone for you.

    Step 3: Setting Creation

    Our highly experienced team of master jewellers create your ring in-house in our Australian workshop, transforming your vision into reality. Once your piece is completed, we organise collection from one of our boutiques, or worldwide fully insured delivery. Your finished piece is wrapped and packaged in our signature Natasha Schweitzer packaging. Your ring will arrive with a receipt, valuation and diamond certificate.

    International shipping

    We ship worldwide


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